Minh Tri to referee Chinese Super League matches

TN News

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Vo Minh Tri will fly to China on Friday September 21 to referee in the Chinese Super League (CSL) at an invitation from the Chinese Football Association (CFA).

CFA wrote to the Vietnam Football Federation (VFF) to ask for support in appointing Tri, who is likely to referee a match in CSL's 26th round on September 28.

Tri is a FIFA referee and has worked abroad at lots of international football contests, but he has become the first Vietnamese to be asked to referee in another country's league.

Duong Vu Lam, Chief of Vietnam's National Board of Referees, said, "CSL's purpose is to ensure fair play and avoid bias which may happen.

"CSL organizers invited him because Tri, who won Vietnam's golden whistle prize in 2010, is the only Vietnamese who is a FIFA elite referee. And there are only about 80 FIFA elite referees in the world at the moment."

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