Major English premier league matches to be aired live despite ad hitch

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Vietnamese TV stations say they will try to air English Premier League matches live while trying to get rid of an ad for betting on the screen.

Betting is still banned in Vietnam and Luu Vu Hai, Director General of the Radio and TV broadcasting Management Department of the Ministry of Information and Communications, has asked the TV stations to get rid of the ad as soon as possible.

Regarding online ads for betting, Hai said, "There are too many websites, making it so far impossible for us to get everything under control, but we will penalize all violations we find."

The TV stations that have the rights to air the English Premier League matches live are trying to find ways to "deal with" a betting operation agency calling Vietnamese football fans to bet on football matches.

The agency is a sponsor for some Premier League clubs like Bolton Wanderers, Wigan United, Chesea, Everton and Aston Villa.

It uses the advertisement in English, Thai, Chinese and Vietnamese; and the Vietnamese version reads "Đặt cược cùng chuyên gia (betting with experts)".

Nguyen Thanh Luong, Deputy General Director of Vietnam Television (VTV) on Wednesday said that was a service by a foreign betting agency operating in England where betting is legal. The matches from England are aired worldwide and some TV stations like VTV, VTC and HTV have purchased the rights to air them live.

Cao Van Liet, General Director of VSTV (VTV's subdivision which owns K+ Channels) said, "We will not televise matches of the clubs sponsored by that betting agency. We will choose to air other matches played at the same time.

"We will air the same number of matches as we promised to our customers at the beginning of the season rather than reducing the number of matches aired by us."

"We will try to broadcast the most exciting matches live; and we will televise matches played by those clubs as soon as possible. Meanwhile, K+ Channels will work with related agencies to settle the problem as soon as possible."

Trinh Long Vu, Chief of the editing department of Vietnam Cable TV (VTC), said that their channels will try to avoid matches that display the betting advertisement. "In fact, there are not many live matches with those words and those words are not always on the screen," Vu said.

A representative of MP& Silva (an agency that sells the rights to broadcast the English Premier League matches in Vietnam) told Thanh Nien on Wednesday that his firm would try to solve the problem as soon as possible.

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