Liem draws with US speed chess king

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Vietnamese chess ace, Le Quang Liem, drew with US speed chess pro Hikaru Nakamura during their second match at the Super grandmaster contest in Germany, on Saturday.

By capitalizing on drawing white, the 27th-ranked Vietnamese player arranged his pieces in a strongly defensive way against the 6th-ranked American.

Liem stood firm against Nakamura'[s attacks, but the Vietnamese number one didn't dare to risk attacking the American number one and they drew after 22 moves.

In the first game, on Friday, Liem (who finished second at last year's contest) also drew with the host player Georg Meier after 38 moves.

Liem, who is the only Vietnamese chess player to enter the world top 100, is now in second place behind Russian player Vladimir Borisovich Kramnik, who had two wins so far.

In the next round, Liem will clash with Kramnik, who is currently ranked fifth in the world and is the player with elo 2,781- the highest ranking at the on-going competition which will end on July 31.

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