Le Hung Dung appointed national football federation chairman

By Thuy Hang-Lan Phuong, Thanh Nien News

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Le Hung Dung, Acting Vice Chairman of the Vietnam Football Federation (VFF), was appointed chairman of the federation at VFF’s 7th-term meeting in Hanoi on Tuesday.
The new chairman pointed out the weaknesses and strengths of Vietnamese football and introduced plans for improvements.
“There are still a lot of problems with Vietnamese football. Concerned state agencies have been slow in legalizing football betting, causing considerable financial losses for the state while illegal betting is still out there,” said Dung.
“Also, finance is still a big problem for football clubs. They depend heavily on funding from sponsors. When sponsors do good business, the clubs are well-financed; but when sponsors are in financial trouble, clubs have to run east and west to make ends meet.”
Dung said football matches must be exciting performances, without violence and breaches of rules, to attract spectators to the stadiums.
Dung also stressed the importance of youth training. He said the country would have great players in 7 or 8 years if good young children were selected for training now.
According to Dung, Vietnam has good relationships with the ASEAN Football Federation, the Asian Football Confederation and the world football federation FIFA.

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