Is football management company too optimistic about profits?

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The Vietnam Professional Football JS Company (VPF) said it would make big profits after getting television rights Monday for all Vietnam Football Federation competition.

In 2010 media company An Vien Group signed a 20-year deal with VFF for the broadcast rights at VND 6 billion (US$288,000) per year, with an annual increase of 10 percent.

The VPF was formed in late 2011 after the bosses of the V-League and First Division clubs became unhappy with the VFF's stewardship of the sport.

Its directors were not happy with the agreement with An Vien saying the value was too low.

After getting back the TV rights with the assistance of related government agencies, VPF directors said they would make it possible to carry at least 10 one and a half minute commercials each during the broadcast of matches.

But a Vietnam Television official said it is impossible to have 15 minutes of ads during local football matches.

It is surprising that VPF has made this claim since it has not met to discuss details this with VTV, he said.

Though the V-League is Vietnam's premier football league, it has not exactly become a rage with advertisers.

VFF chairman Nguyen Trong Hy said: "Since I'm not an economist, I'm not sure how many Vietnamese companies currently make a profit of VND1 trillion (US$500,000) a year to become members of the Vietnam football sponsoring council.

"But Vo Quoc Thang, Nguyen Duc Kien, and Doan Nguyen Duc [directors of VPF] have said they could make big profits. I hope they can."

VFF Vice Chairman Le Hung Dung said: "VPF has promised to make VND50 billion a year by 2013 and VND100 billion or more in subsequent years; we have to trust them.

"If they can't do it, the fans, the media, and VPF will not forgive them."

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