International cricket comes to Vietnam

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The Saigon International Cricket Sixes, the Vietnam Cricket Association's annual six-a-side tournament, will be held this weekend at the RMIT University ground in District 7.

For the uninitiated, it means each team will have six instead of the usual 11 players, with five bowling an over each. In recent years sixes tournaments have become popular mainly due to the annual Hong Kong Sixes, which often attracts current international players.

This year the Saigon Sixes will feature teams from Australia, Malaysia, Singapore, the Philippines, and Thailand besides two composite teams from the Saigon league.

While the cricket is serious, there is otherwise a carnival atmosphere around the ground over the weekend. Many of the cricketers bring their families along, expats turn up for a weekend of fun, and there are lots of beer and food stalls, including a few put up by the city's top Indian restaurants.

As can be expected, the action on the pitch is frenetic as batsman go bang-bang.

Clearly, the Saigon International Cricket Sixes is becoming popular in the region, and things can only get better from here.

For more information contact Dean Cashion, Tournament Director, at 091 391 6874.

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