I didn't know where the ball went, says Cruyff turn victim


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I didn't know where the ball went, says Cruyff turn victim


Decades after being on the receiving end of Johan Cruyff's most famous piece of outrageous skill, former Sweden defender Jan Olsson says he still wonders where the ball went.
Cruyff died on Thursday aged 68 after a five-month battle with lung cancer and the video of the Dutchman performing his famed 'Cruyff turn' against Olsson at the 1974 World Cup immediately started circulating on social media.
The clip shows Cruyff feigning to cross with his right foot, before whipping the ball behind his standing leg and darting off in the other direction as a bemused Olsson, his eyes still fixed on where the ball had been, stumbled in his wake.
"A long ball came towards the corner flag and I was after him," Olsson told Swedish broadcaster SVT.
"I had his back and I thought I had the situation under control. He went to cross and I thought I'd go to cover it -- but the ball wasn't there...
"There were 25,000 Dutch fans in the section where I was fooled, and you can imagine how they shouted and cheered," added the 73-year-old.
Luckily for Olsson the ball was cleared and the game finished in a goalless draw, but the meeting left a lasting impression on the former defender.
"I didn't understand it, I just wondered where the ball was. It was a fun episode, and I'm glad to have met a player of that class.
"He was one of the world's best players and leaders, this is very tragic, it was far too soon," he added.

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