Hang wins 1,500m silver at Asian Games

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Truong Thanh Hang took the silver medal in the women's 1,500 m category at the 16th Asian Games 2010 in Guangzhou, China on Tuesday November 23.

Coach Ho Thi Tu Tam asked Hang to stay in the back so as not to lose so much energy. Yet Hang kept pace with the top five.

In the final 500 meters, Hang increased speed surpassing her competitors and staying in time with world and Asian champion Jamal Maryam Yusuf Isa from Bahrain and her compatriot Gebregeiorges Mimi Belete.

In the final 200 meters, Jamal Maryam and Gebregeiorges suddenly sped up. Hang tried even harder to keep up with them while the other athletes fell behind.

In the final 50 meters, Hang began to sprint and overtook Gebregeiorges to finish second in 4 minutes nine seconds 58, just one second 36 more than Ethiopia-born Jamal Maryam.

Hang's performance broke her personal record of 4 minutes 11 seconds 60 record, which she set at the South East Asian Games in Nakhon, Thailand in 2007.

Hang, who is Southeast Asian champion in the women's 1,500m and 800m categories, said, "I had decided to do my best to try to win the bronze medal only because this category is not my favorite and also there are several world-class athletes.

"The best moments were when I was sprinting to surpass another Bahrain competitor to finish second in the final meters. I was so happy and surprised to take home the silver medal."

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