Hang limited to silver at Japan event; blames winds, dirty conduct

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Southeast Asian champion Truong Thanh Hang disappointed her fans with only a silver medal in the women's 1,500 meter race at the Asian Athletics Championships in Kobe, Japan on Friday.

The hometown hero came in at 4 minutes 18.40 seconds, which is far behind her best of 4 minute 9.08 seconds, which she clocked when she won the silver medal at the 2010 Asian Games in China.

In the Friday race in Kobe, Bahraini competitor Regasa Genzeb Shumi finished first, clocking 4 minutes 15.91 seconds, while Indian Puthiya J. Orchatteri finished third after 4 minutes 22.09 seconds.

Hang blamed her performance on outside factors.

"My achievement today was not so good, partly because of strong winds. Also, other countries had two competitors and they made it difficult for me. The Bahraini and UAE competitors kept close, preventing me from sprinting.

"When I was about 500 meters from the finish, the Indian contestant who finished third kicked me in the leg but I managed to keep balance and made my way to the finish. I finished second but I am very happy. I will try to win gold in the women's 800 meter race."

Luck was not a lady for the Vietnamese athletes at the competition, which ran from July 7-10. Southeast Asian women's 100 and 200 meter champion Vu Thi Huong wasn't there due to injury.

In the first day of competition, Vu Van Huyen didn't participate in the men's decathlon due to illness while Nguyen Dinh Cuong failed to compete in the men's 1,500 meter race because the Vietnam's team manager forgot Cuong's passport at the Japanese Embassy in Hanoi and Cuong had to fly to Japan on the 6th of July instead of the 5th as planned.

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