Football federation general secretary leaves huge vacancy

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Vietnam Football Federation (VFF) general secretary's resignation has left a huge vacancy that is difficult to fill, and the federation's Steering Committee may convene an extraordinary meeting to discuss it.

General Secretary Tran Quoc Tuan submitted a letter of resignation earlier this month after saying that he was partially responsible for loss of the country's national Under-23 team in the semifinals of the 2011 South East Asian Games held in Indonesia last month.

Last week, VFF rejected Tuan's resignation letter and persuaded him to stay. However, Tuan still insisted on leaving the position, and the federation had to accept his choice.

It is not easy for VFF to find another person to fill the vacancy because the person for the post must be good at internal and external issues.


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The person must also solve problems quickly, work efficiently under pressure, have a strategic outlook and have a good command of English.

Tuan will officially return to the General Department of Physical Training and Sports on Jan. 1, 2012. VFF will be penalized by the World Football Federation (FIFA) if it cannot find another person to fill the vacancy.

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