Clubs grateful for new FIFA player transfer software

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Vietnamese football clubs agree that FIFA's transfer matching system (TMS) is useful but hard to work out.

TMS, which is a web-based data entry program used for player transfers between two professional clubs, was introduced to Vietnamese top-tier V-League and second-tier First Division clubs at a July 9-10 workshop in Hanoi.

Two Federation Internationale de Football Association (FIFA)'s representatives Rita Sanchez and Julien Mossan who ran the introductory training said it is a tool to prevent disputes over player ownership.

After trying the system on the computer Friday, managing director of V-League club Dong Tam Long An (DTLA), Pham Phu Hoa, said, "TMS will help local clubs avoid unnecessary problems and disputes."

"When wanting information about a player, clubs just have to check TMS because the profiles of professional players are all in this system," he said adding that previous transfers were also recorded on the system because international transfer certificates (ITC) are sent via email.

"FIFA will also help ensure the confidentiality of the information about player transfer in each country."

According to FIFA, from October next year player transfers without TMS registration would be invalid.

"From now, clubs need to practice using the new system," Hoa said, adding DTLA has already been using components of the system.

Hoa also said it was a pity that the workshop lasted only two days and some questions had not been asked.

For example, FIFA says a club can have a five-year contract with a player but Vietnam Football Federation says a contract can't be longer than three years.

Hoa said he would send his questions to FIFA.

Some clubs said the TMS is a wonderful tool because it prevents players being registered at more than one club. It helps manage the players better and a player can't be registered at two or three different clubs because the system won't allow the entry.

"If a player is not registered on the system, the club can get him registered. The world football governing body will reply soon. If the player is valid, FIFA will give him an ITC.

"If FIFA doesn't reply, the player can't get the transfer fee from the club, making fraud difficult."

However clubs could foresee difficulties using the system, for example time differences between South America and Vietnam or Internet problems at either end.

V-League club The Cong's representative Ngoc Hai said, "TMS is useful software but it can only be used effectively when FIFA member countries all use it.

"...TMS applies to professional players only. So I think local clubs will still have difficulties in future."

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