Champion jumper settles for silver

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Local high jump champion Nguyen Duy Bang looked disappointed after taking the silver medal at the International Athletic Competition in Ho Chi Minh City on August 2.

The gold medal was won by national athlete Dao Van Thuy, who leapt over 2.13 meters.

Bang, who set the national record of 2.25m in 2004, easily cleared the 1.98 m, 2.01m, 2.03m, 2.07m and 2.10m bars. After failing to jump over 2.13m in his first attempt, he decided to raise the bar to 2.15m and failed to clear it.

Bang decided to quit competitive sports in 2007 when he was 25. Early this year, the 29-year-old Bang left Ben Tre Province and began to compete for Ho Chi Minh City.

Bang took the gold medal at the Hong Kong Open Tournament, last month. He only managed to clear 2.05 meters.

Despite middling results, Bang said, "I have only been training hard for a short time, so my technical skills and strength are not as good as expected. I will try to improve myself and if I am called to join the national team, I will be willing to compete for to the country."

Bang also competed in the long jump category but he only managed to jump 6.65 meters and finished 11th out of 22 long jumpers.

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