Calisto happy after talks with DTLA owner

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Vietnam’s national football team coach Henrique Calisto said was pleased after talks with V-League club Dong Tam Long An (DTLA) owner Vo Quoc Thang in Ho Chi Minh City.

He told Thanh Nien after the meeting that “I am here today because I don’t want any misunderstanding between me and Thang to last longer.

“We talked to better understand each other. I am happy and feel pleased when we have solved all the problems. But most importantly, Thang and I are still close friends like before.”

When asked about his contract with DTLA which won’t expire till 2011 and about his not being paid by DTLA the past 21 months, Calisto said, “We didn’t talk about the contract because we didn’t need to mention agreements in this friendly talk. We solved all the problems based on our friendship and respect for each other.”

The Portuguese tactician added that the Mekong Delta club created favorable conditions for him to work for the Vietnam Football Federation and the national men’s football team for the past two years, so he will still work for VFF until the contract ends at the end of March this year.

Still unclear about future

Calisto said he was yet to make up his mind about extending his contract with VFF. He had to consider and choose the best job for himself, he said.

Calisto said he has not been quite happy because he still has plenty of free time and energy while working for the VFF (which only takes about six months a year). He said he doesn’t want to waste his time and energy.

VFF has said it will pay Calisto a net salary of US$20,000 a month plus food, accommodation and transport costs; but wants him to work exclusively for the national team, and not for another club as he wishes.

Asked whether he would return to DTLA after his contract with VFF expires on March 31, Calisto said he hasn’t thought about it.

He said he and Thang have always been good friends, so if he doesn’t return to coach DTLA, Thang would still be happy and won’t force him to work until his contract ends next year.

Meanwhile, DTLA owner Thang said he has always supported Calisto and created the best opportunities for him to help develop Vietnamese football.

“We certainly want Calisto to return to coach DTLA but he can make his own decisions and we must respect his choice,” Thang said.

Source: Thanh Nien, SGGP

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