Aussie footy heroes join Vietnam Swans for coaching clinic

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There is a buzz among Aussie footy fans in Saigon, as two famous AFL footballers will be in Ho Chi Minh City on the weekend for a football coaching clinic for kids.

For football fans it's rare to meet legendary players, let alone have a kick with them - so the Australian Rules football club here in Vietnam, the Vietnam Swans, has rallied to make the visit of Nathan Buckley from the Collingwood club and Gary O'Donnell from Essendon a memorable one.

"As an Aussie Rules Club, the Vietnam Swans are very pleased and proud that these two players can join us for a footy clinic," the Vietnam Swans national president, Phil Johns said.

"For our guys, it's a chance to see these guys up close and to get to talk to them; to get an insight into how elite athletes think and what makes them different to the rest of us," Johns said.

All of the Australian kids, who will be coming to the coaching clinic held this Sunday afternoon at 5pm at the RMIT fields, will be awe-inspired to meet footy heroes like Buckley and O'Donnell.

A lot of kids from International schools will be there, but there's going to be at least 20 Vietnamese kids at the clinic who don't know what AFL (Australian Football League) is let alone who Buckley and O'Donnell are. In fact they have probably never seen an AFL football before.

Johns said the club had decided to make the coaching clinic into a community event by inviting disadvantaged children from a local NGO called KOTO.

KOTO is run by a well known Australian Overseas Vietnamese, Jimmy Pham, who has some Australian helpers working with him, that are also keen to meet the two footy legends.

Johns, who expects about 100 people to come, said it would not be the first time that the club has held a coaching clinic for Vietnamese.

Recently at the Big Day Out the club held a coaching clinic and Johns said the Vietnamese had a lot of fun learning how to kick and handball the unusual shaped Australian football.

"The attendance of these two famous Australians also gives our Club a key event which enriches our history significantly," the Vietnam Swans president said.

"It's going to be a great weekend and again, everyone is very welcome to come out, with your children, to participate in this footy clinic," Johns said.

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