Atlectico Madrid signs V-League's Samson Olaleye

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Spain's top-tier league club Atlectico Madrid will sign a contract with Nigerian striker Samson Kayode Olaleye who plays for Vietnam's V-League club Dong Thap.

Famous sports website said Monday that Atlectico Madrid will sign a contract with Olaleye as a free player without any transfer fee and will immediately lend the Nigerian player to Portugal's club Sporting Braga for a season.

According to Marca, Atlectico Madrid came to know about the Nigerian striker through one of its sources in Asia, and through video clips displaying Olaleye's goals on YouTube.

The fact that Olaleye is also 22 years old and is free to transfer caught the interest of the Spanish club.

At the beginning of the 2011 V-League season, there were rumors that Olaleye would leave Dong Thap to join V-League defending champs Hanoi T&T, but the Nigerian striker ended up staying with the Mekong Delta club.

Two years ago, Atlectico Madrid's managing director Gil Mari and football broker Jorge Mendes came to Vietnam and met the owner of Hanoi T&T.

Later, Atlectico Madrid sent a letter to the Vietnam Football Federation suggesting organizing a friendly match between the Spanish club and Vietnam's national football team or Hanoi T&T, but nothing came of it.

No matter how Atlectico Madrid got to know about Olaleye, its efforts to transfer a player from a Vietnamese club can mark a significant event in Vietnamese footballing history.

Olaleye is a famous player in the V-League and a key striker for Dong Thap. Over the past two years, he has scored very important goals that kept the Mekong Delta club in the upper half of the table in the league.

Vietnamese football fans have wondered why Dong Thap didn't try to keep the Nigerian striker when his three-year contracted ended and why other richer clubs in V-League wanted to get him but failed to do so.

Dong Thap football club manager Le Ngoc Chuc said: "We knew Olaleye's value, so we wanted to extend his contract. However, money is not the matter here. Olaleye said to us that he wanted to improve his career at a higher level by trying his luck at famous clubs in Europe.

"Olaleye is a very professional player and he is very ambitious, so we respected his wish and created the best condition for him in return for his huge contributions to the club."

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