Asian Games opening ceremony springs spectacular surprise

TN News

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The 16th Asian Games got off to a magnificent start in Guangzhou, China with an impressive opening ceremony on Friday evening that featured the cultural traits of the province and cultural diversity of the country.

Instead of organizing such an event inside a stadium, the organizers sprung a surprise with a stage set up on the banks of the Zhu Jiang (Pearl River).

The 11,700 competitors from 45 countries and territories participating in the games rode on 45 boats past the splendid stage.

The ceremony started with fireworks set off along both banks on the river and around the Guangzhou TV Tower, the highest of its kind in the world.

The colorful fireworks display made the tower look like a giant tree glittering in the darkness of the night.

IThe Vietnamese sports delegation was in the 44th place in the parade, ahead of Yemen, with the delegations appearing in alphabetical order.

The Asian Games 2010 has 260 contestants from Vietnam competing in 26 of 42 official events.

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