YouTube video on alleged corruption by cops in southern Vietnam probed

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Police in Ba Ria-Vung Tau Province have sent officers to neighboring Ho Chi Minh City to meet with a man who got into an argument over alleged bribery by two traffic cops Thursday and posted a video of it online that has gone viral.

Pham Thanh Giau, police chief of Dat Do District, said the team would meet Le Huu Thuy, who had been driving a car when he was stopped by two officers, to hear his allegations.

Thuy is not seen in the two-minute video, which was posted on YouTube soon after the incident, but is heard shouting at the officers that they made false charges in the ticket to pocket part of the fine.

It is not clear who shot the video, but in it Thuy introduces himself and says he was driving at 55 kilometers, which is five kilometers above the speed limit.

He was stopped and an officer with the name tag Mai Ba Thi demanded VND700,000, saying Thuy could pay the money to him instead of at a local police station as regulated.

But when Thuy signed the ticket, he found that the charge was not speeding but failure to wear a seat belt, which carries a fine of VND100,000-200,000.

When Thuy then told him he knew what this meant, the man "turned pale and kept apologizing and asked for the ticket to be returned."

The clip starts with the officer apologizing.

Thuy can be heard telling Thi: "You don't need to apologize."

The officer takes recourse to the argument he is yet to take the money, but Thuy says he has already demanded it.

He also shouts at the other officer, La Van Manh, who tries to calm him, and threatened to report to their superiors.

Thi and Manh have been asked to explain by their superiors.

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