Young woman jailed for killing boyfriend

Thanh Nien News

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A file photo of Phung Thi Thanh, 19, provided by police A file photo of Phung Thi Thanh, 19, provided by police


A court in northern Vietnam on Thursday sentenced a woman to 25 years' imprisonment for killing her boyfriend and taking his belongings last year.
Phung Thi Thanh, 19, was convicted of murder and robbery by the People's Court of Vinh Phuc Province.
Thanh was arrested on Oct. 10, 2014, six days after the body of Le Hai Dang's was found in a hotel room in Vinh Phuc.
She told the police that she had killed Dang, 27, after they had sex because he refused to give her the presents and money that he had promised.
According to her, Dang, a local civil servant, said he would only fulfil his promise after they had sex a few dozen times more.
When their argument turned heated, Thanh took a knife from her bag and stabbed Dang multiple times.
Dang was severely wounded and died soon later.
Thanh took his mobile phone and VND4 million, cleaned the knife, destroyed the victim's ID papers and left the hotel.
A hotel staff worker found Dang's body in the room and reported to the police.

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