Yet another Chinese arrested for in-flight theft in Vietnam

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Yet another Chinese arrested for in-flight theft in Vietnam


Vietnamese authorities arrested a Chinese passenger for stealing from another passenger aboard a Vietnam Airlines flight Wednesday afternoon, Tuoi Tre (Youth) Newspaper reported.
During the flight from Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh City, Wang Xin Gao, 41, stole the bag of a passenger and took it to a seat in the last row of the plane. When he was searching the bag, another passenger, who happens to be a Vietnam Airlines attendant, became suspicious and used her cellphone to capture the scene.
She reported the incident to the cabin crew and showed them the footage. 
Wang was arrested by aviation security staff after then plane landed in HCMC.
The authorities said Man's passport showed that he had been to many Southeast Asian countries in very short stays. He entered and left a country within a day.
Last year, Vietnamese aviation authorities established that a group of around 10 Chinese nationals frequently traveled on Vietnam Airlines flights to steal from other passengers.
So far authorities have arrested five of them.

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