World Bank to fund 8 innovative microprojects to uplift Vietnamese women

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Le Minh Hien, who has a disability, proudly shows off some innovative products made from discarded paper and clothing at the 2013 Vietnam Women's Innovation Day exhibition on October 1. PHOTO COURTESY OF WORLD BANK

The World Bank in Vietnam will fund eight proposals out of many received in connection with the "2013 Vietnam Women's Innovation Day " to economically uplift women.

The contest was launched in March by the Vietnam Women's Union and the United Nations Women in Vietnam under the theme of "Women's Economic Empowerment" to unearth initiatives to benefit especially women entrepreneurs (including owners and managers of firms and owners of household businesses) and provide decent work for women.

Each selected proposal will be funded US$15,000.

The eight proposals include production of camellia sasanqua oil by the Silvicultural Research Institute Vietnamese Academy of Forest Science in Lai Chau Province and a cleaning service in Hanoi to help female migrant workers who are victims of domestic violence, with most of them targeting rural women.

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