Workers to learn foreign rules before going abroad

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Vietnam will design textbooks by the end of September to prepare overseas workers for life in Taiwan, Libya and the United Arab Emirates.


The textbooks designed by Vietnam Association of Manpower Supply, focus on the lifestyle and rules of these territories. The texts will be distributed to 160 legal labor export firms, most of which have not equipped workers with the skills necessary for life in these foreign environments.


Nguyen Luong Trao, chairman of Vietnam Association of Manpower Supply (VAMAS), said Vietnamese workers overseas are valued as they learn quickly, work hard, and are willing to work extra hours for more money.


But most of them have low foreign language skills and don't know much about the laws and custom of those countries and territories, Trao said.


He said those problems can be resolved with proper pre-departure training.


In late April, around 600 out of 3,800 Vietnamese workers in UAE were deported following a gambling dispute that unravelled into a brawl.


Western Union Agent and Vietnam's biggest commercial bank, Agribank, will sponsor the training.


Trao said the training aims at raising Vietnam's competitive edge in the global labor market as the demand for foreign workers continues to rise.


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