Workers electrocuted during wildcat strike at Taiwanese firm in Vietnam

Thanh Nien News

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Security guards at a Taiwanese-owned factory in Ho Chi Minh City have been accused of electrocuting at least four people who were on a wildcat strike with hundreds of their fellow workers on Friday to demand for the right to severance pay. 
According to several workers of PouYuen Vietnam Company Limited, a large footwear and leather firm located in Binh Tan District, the strike began on Thursday.
On Friday, workers at sections A, B, C and D returned to the factory but they refused to work by not turning on the lights.
When they attempted to leave, some security guards shut the gates, leading to a brawl.
“Four workers at section C were injured but it is unclear if the guards used electric shock batons or set up electricity there,” said a worker who wanted to be unnamed.
Binh Tan Police have arrived at the scene to maintain security.

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