Women attack traffic cops in central Vietnam

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Police in the central province of Quang Ngai arrested two women for attacking traffic police officers with bricks and stones Sunday, online newspaper Dan Tri reported.

On the day in question, a local traffic police team pulled over a man for driving a motorbike along National Highway 24A in Duc Pho District with two women on back, in clear violation of the two-person per bike rule, according to police reports.

Police also said the two women were not wearing helmets, another traffic law violation.

After being stopped by police, the man introduced himself as Pham Van Trung, 33, and said the women had asked him for a ride.

Police prepared to seize Trung's motorbike and wrote a report stating that the violations involved in the incident were "driving more people than allowed" and "not wearing helmets.".

The women Truong Thi My Le, 29, and Nguyen Thi Hong, 39 started to yell at the police officers and prevented them from confiscating the bike.

Le and Hong repeatedly screamed and insulted the officers, attracting crowds of passers-by who stopped to watch.

When the officers asked the pair to stop, Hong attacked the officers with her hands, but she was quickly overpowered.


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Le, meanwhile, picked up bricks and stones and threatened to attack the officers.

Captain Dang Huu Thang, chief of the traffic police team, was injured when Le threw a brick at him.

She was then overpowered and arrested.

The pair is being detained on the charge of "resisting police officers on duty."

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