Women arrested, accused of assaulting employee

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A café shop owner in Vietnam's southern beach town Vung Tau was arrested on Tuesday following accusations that she shaved a female waitress and had her tattooed with ugly animals.

The 20-year-old waitress, only identified as Nguyen Thi G., told police that Nguyen Thi Anh was jealous and suspected that the girl was having an affair with her husband.

G. returned home in Nghe An Province in north central Vietnam on December 11, one year after working at the café, with a bald head, no eyebrows and three tattoos of centipedes on her face and breasts.

Another waitress, Nguyen Thi Huong, 20, was also arrested because she was accused of escorting the victim to a tattoo shop.

G. told police that in late November she was taken by a sister of Anh to a deserted house in town and questioned about whether she was having an affair with Anh's husband.

The girl was scared and hastily admitted that she did, which caused Anh to beat her and shave off her hair and eyebrows.

Anh asked her to choose between a glass of acid solution to her face or the tattoos as punishment, and she chose the latter, the girl said.

She said she tried to erase the tattoos and on Monday, received an offer of free treatment from a beauty hospital in Hanoi.

G. also said that she was forced to please male customers at the café who want more than just a drink. The girl did not specify anything about sex.

Police found many porn CDs at the coffee shop.

The boss has denied all the accusations so far but police have found them to be reliable.

Police said Anh will be investigated for assault charges, which is eligible for punishment of up to three years in jail and five years of career suspension according to Vietnam's Penal Code.

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