Woman survives fall from 11th floor in central Vietnam

TN News

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A female worker has survived after falling from the 11th floor at the construction site of a hotel in the central province of Nghe An, Dan Tri reported Wednesday.

According to the newswire, Ho Thi Lien, 35, sustained injuries to her liver, limbs and head.

The newswire quoted Lien as saying that the incident happened more than two weeks ago when she was standing on the 11th floor of MT-SL Hotel's construction site in Vinh Town to load pieces of corrugated iron onto a crane so it could transport them to the 16th floor.

The iron bar that supported her then bent, causing her to fall to the fourth floor where she was caught by mesh nets, she said.

"Although my limbs were broken, I still tried to make a phone call to my colleagues, so they brought me to the hospital," the mother of three children said. "It was my lucky day."

A doctor from Nghe An General Hospital, where Lien is being treated, said in Dan Tri that Lien is under close observation.

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