Woman pushed into moving traffic by bag-snatchers

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A 19-year-old woman suffered serious injuries when two bag snatchers pushed into a collision with a moving taxi while she was driving her motorbike on a Ho Chi Minh City Street.

The incident happened when two men on a motorbike pulled up beside Ngo Thi My Duyen at 1:30 pm in Tan Phu District and tried to snatch her bag. 

Duyen tried to hold onto the bag and the thieves kicked her bike, causing both bikes to crash.

Duyen hit a taxi moving in the same direction and was taken to People's Hospital 115 where she received treatment for a broken thigh bone, face injuries and a sprained neck.

After crashing, the two robbers left their bike behind and fled into a nearby alley, Dan Tri reported.

Police are investigating the case.

In another incident, two young women on a motorbike also crashed when two robbers snatched their bag on Nguyen Huu Canh Street in Binh Thanh District September 25.

A car traveling behind the women nearly ran them over but managed to barely avoid them.

Nguoi Lao Dong Newspaper held a conference on Wednesday to discuss what to do about the increase in street crime in Ho Chi Minh City and Binh Duong and the rise of vigilante groups that has come as a response.

Lawyers and representatives from the Ministry of Public Security and the HCMC Police Department were at the event.

The department reported 1,425 crimes between May and September.


In a statement on October 4, HCMC police warned that city dwellers should not use their phone while driving motorbikes. Motorists were also advised to attach their bags to the bikes and not wear fancy jewelery.

In the case of the robbery, people should try to remember the color and license plate number of the robber's bike and report to the nearest police station or the city police department via two hotlines: (08) 3838 7342 and (08) 3920 7196.

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