Woman charged for killing husband in Mekong Delta

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Police in the southern province of Long An are pressing charges against a woman for killing her husband in a high-profile murder case, Tuoi Tre quoted the provincial prosecutor's office as saying Friday.


According to police reports, Tran Thuy Lieu, 40, has admitted to killing Le Hoang Hung, a former journalist for Nguoi Lao Dong (Laborer) newspaper, on January 19. She said she had commited the crime only after Hung had beaten her and accused her of having an affair, the news source reported.


On January 17, she bought rope and gasoline, according to investigators.


Two days later, while Hung slept in his room on the first floor around midnight, Lieu used the gasoline and newspaper to set him on fire, police said.


Reports from investigators said Lieu had staged the scene to make it look like some one had broken into the house with the rope and set her husband on fire.


She went back into her bedroom and slept with her two daughters while her husband burned, the newspaper quoted local police as saying.


Hung died ten days later due to severe burns.


According to Tuoi Tre, police concluded that Lieu committed the crime alone. Their findings did not mention Nguyen Van Tam, who recently has been concluded to have an affair with Lieu and whom many previously believed was involved in the murder.



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After Hung's death, Tam, the chief of Market Management Team No.5 at the provincial Market Management Agency, was found visiting Lieu's house twice, and he phoned her on several occasions. Police said he had given her advice on how to mislead investigators.


Lieu didn't turn herself in until February 20. Police have permission to hold her in custody for four months.


Tam was dismissed from his job June 11 and is facing dismissal from the Communist Party for the affair and gambling in Cambodia.


The newspaper quoted Cao Minh Tri, head of the office of Long An People's Procuracy (the local prosecutor's office), as saying that prosecutors were currently reviewing all documents related to the case.


It is still unknown whether they will prosecute Lieu as proposed, or order further investigations, Tuoi Tre reported.


The case drew a great deal of public attention over the first few months of the year when Lieu's gambling debts and her alleged extramarital affair with Tam were revealed.

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