Wildfires ravage forests in central Vietnam

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The central highlands province of Kon Tum on Tuesday reported hundreds of hectares of its forests had perished in a fire that broke out on Tuesday morning and was yet to be extinguished.

The damaged forest area, cultivated by the local Innovgreen Company in Sa Thay District, comprised mostly of two to three year old eucatyptus and pine trees, local authorities said.

Dry weather and strong winds were making it very difficult to control and put out the fire, they said.

Over the past ten days four fires have broken out in Sa Thay, destroying at least 130 hectares of forest, including more than 20 hectares of natural forest in Chu Mom Ray National Park.

Meanwhile, authorities of Dak Po District in the adjacent province of Gia Lai said as of Tuesday afternoon they were on the verge of controlling a fire that had started on Sunday.

Bui Ba Son, chairman of Dak Po District's People's Committee, said they were facing difficulties in putting out the fire, because the region was reaching the peak of its dry weather season and the fire was located high up in the mountains. It took firefighters three hours to approach it, Son said.

Right after a three-day fire that destroyed nearly 30 hectares of pine forest was put out, another broke out in adjacent Mang Yang District later the same day, authorities said.

Given the difficulties in accessing the terrain, the latest fire threatened to destroy the entire forest that borders the Mang Yang mountain pass, they added.

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