Wild dog attacks cause uproar in border province

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Wild dogs attacks on humans as well as pets have become increasingly common in the northern Lao Cai Province over the last few months.

The dogs have been spotted in two mountainous districts of Si Ma Cai and Muong Khuong, both of which border China.

Local residents believe the dogs strayed over the border from the neighboring country, because such fierce dogs have never been seen in these parts before.

Dao Duy Kien, chief of Lao Cai Province Veterinary Bureau said they are still trying to identify the breed and origin of the dogs. "The dogs look like German Shepherds hybrid, but with different hair colors," Kien said. "They chase people, pets and cattle."

Nguyen Van Phuc, chairman of Si Ma Cai District People's Committee, said six dogs have been spotted in six communes of the district since February.

"The dogs are quite fierce; they have bitten pet dogs, poultry and cattle. They jump at people to try and bite them. At least 13 locals had been bitten by the dogs," said Phuc.

Pham Ba Uyen, vice chairman of Muong Khuong District People's Committee, said more than 10 dogs had been spotted in his district.

According to Lao Cai Province Veterinary Bureau, an estimated 22 wild dogs have been spotted in the two districts bordering China since February. Of these, six have been killed in the Muong Khuong District, and another six are in captivity in the other district.

The bureau has instructed district authorities to provide anti-rabies vaccinations for dogs and people. Locals are also free to kills the wild dogs if they attack.

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