Wild cat carcasses found in Hanoi taxi

TN News

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Environment police in Hanoi on Friday found a taxi carrying the carcasses of six Asian Golden cats which are protected from hunting and trading by Vietnamese law.


Initial information showed that Nguyen Cong Giang, Vi Thi Hanh and Le Thi Chung, who were travelling in the taxi, had poached the wild cats (Felis Temmincki) from forests near the Vietnam Laos border, the An Ninh Thu Do newspaper reported.


They were discovered when the taxi parked on Chua Lang Street for them to sell the animals to local restaurants for about VND2.5 million (US$131.45) per kilogram, the police said.


The police said they are investigating the case further.


Inhabiting Southeast Asian forests, the cats are classified as "nearly threatened" by the International Union for Conservation of Nature with the main threats being poaching and habitat destruction.

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