Whistleblower's accusations rejected, Toyota Vietnam free of charges

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Police in northern Vietnam have decided not to press slandering and mail violation charges against Toyota Vietnam's director as an employee had accused.


Le Van Tach, an engineer who this year exposed technical flaws in some car models at Toyota Motor Vietnam, on September 12 filed a lawsuit against the company general director Akito Tachibana and filed a petition asking charges to be pressed against him.


But investigators in Vinh Phuc Province where Tach submitted the papers said they have found "no signs of crimes" by Toyota Vietnam, Saigon Times Online said Tuesday.


Tach and his lawyer said Toyota Vietnam had read his e-mails and assumed he was having an illicit affair with a woman in his address list.


Toyota also accused him of planning to shut down the group, Tach said, claiming that the actions violated his human dignity, prestige and privacy.


He said in the papers that Toyota Vietnam was trying to punish him for exposing the technical flaws.


In April 2011, Tach lodged a complaint with the Vietnam Register, the country's quality control agency, about three major problems with the Innova and Fortuner models produced by his employer.


His action led to Toyota Vietnam offering a public apology to its customers on April 1 and pledging to recall more than 65,000 cars. The engineer had previously made several attempts to have his company take corrective action.


According to Tach, other efforts to punish him included a three-month suspension in June, before he was transferred to another job at reduced salary.



Whistleblower files lawsuit against Toyota Vietnam
The engineer's lawsuit came after Toyota Vietnam itself denied all his accusations, saying that he was punished for slandering and disturbing his colleagues.


Toyota also denied violating his e-mails, saying the e-mail belongs to Toyota.

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