Weekly roundup: World's oldest woman, human trafficking, anti-pollution protest

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122-year-old Vietnamese now oldest woman in the world
Nguyen Thi Tru in Ho Chi Minh City has been verified as the world's oldest woman, the World Records Association announced.

Make for Vietnam: How US cafe and fast-food chains adapt
American food and beverage chains have been customizing their menus for the local market, with many surprises.

Kidneys, wives for sale: Human trafficking on the rise
3,862 Vietnamese victims have been trafficked for forced labor, prostitution and organ trade since 2011, officials say.

Farmers dump dead fish onto the street to protest pollution
Farmers in central Vietnam took to the street to protest sand extraction activities that have polluted a local bay.

Plastic bag pollution continues unabated in Vietnam
In Ho Chi Minh City, nine million or more than 50 metric tons of plastic bags are being used every day.


Vietnam War: The legacy of Agent Orange
As April 30 approaches, marking 40 years since the Vietnam War, many people still feel the lingering effects of Agent Orange.


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