Weekly roundup: Toxic golf courses, visa waivers, traffic noise

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Golf courses are 'killing' Vietnam's environment

Vietnam is putting the environment at huge risks by approving many riverside and seaside golf courses, experts have said. 

Hotels on Phu Quoc Island discharge waste into the sea

Littering by tourists and waste discharges from hotels are taking away the appeal of Phu Quoc Island as a must-visit destination in Vietnam.

Vietnam to offer visa waivers as visitor drop hurts economy

Vietnam will offer more visa exemptions and set up a $100 million fund to promote the country’s attractions in a bid to reverse a drop in foreign visitors.

BEEP! BEEP! Why do you freaking honk?

Vietnamese drivers can be fined if their honking disturbs the peace in a residential area. But such a rule hardly means anything in the country.

Vietnam scrap vendor finally lays her hands on $31,000 fortune

A Ho Chi Minh City scrap vendor who found more than 5 million Japanese yen in a speaker sold to her as junk received the money Tuesday.

Saigon's samaritan alley: Where everything is free for poor people

Alley 96 on Phan Dinh Phung Street offers heaps of things, from iced tea to motorbike repair, from medicines to coffins, for free to poor people.

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