Weekly roundup: Tourism woes, common corruption, dog meat, and more

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Business as usual: Bribery a way of life in Vietnam

The practice of giving and receiving bribes is so common that it is understood to be a routine part of doing business.

Vietnam cities to be submerged due to climate change

A fifth of the country’s largest and busiest city Ho Chi Minh will be underwater, so as 39 percent of the Mekong Delta.

Vietnamese propaganda art, a war legacy that pleases

“These works have significance as history, as documentation of the time," a collector in Ho Chi Minh City says.

Celebrities call for end to dog meat trade in Vietnam

The campaign calls for an end to the theft, trade, slaughter, and consumption of dogs and better welfare for animals.

Tourists stop coming as Vietnam fails to excite

Many travel agents warn that Vietnam’s tourism may crash as foreigners are flying to new destinations in the region.

First walking street seen as a misstep for Ho Chi Minh City

As the city makes final preparations for its first pedestrian street, experts wonder if Nguyen Hue is the right place.

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