Weekly roundup: Struggling tourism industry, real estate boom, wildcat strike, and more

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Vietnam party chief to visit China before landmark US trip

“If China pushes too hard or is not accommodating, Vietnam has the option of stepping up ties with the US,” an analyst says.

Vietnam's property market generates new foreign interest

The market is showing signs of recovery with a sharp increase in the number of transactions. A new rule allowing foreigners to buy houses will certainly help.

Despite strike, Vietnam is Asia's new powerhouse

Thousands of workers at a Ho Chi Minh City factory struck work. But it may be the one wrinkle in Vietnam's rise to manufacturing greatness.

Province defends controversial project at world’s largest cave

Tourism authorities in Quang Binh have again defended a controversial plan to build a US$212-million cable car at Son Doong Cave, saying the media has misunderstood it.

Vietnam to outpace most of the world in creating rich families

The number of Vietnam’s rich households with financial assets of US$100,000 to $2 million is expected to reach 347,000 by 2020, a study shows.

Vietnam tourism numbers plummet as Chinese, Russians keep away

Increases in the number of visitors from markets like Japan and South Korea failed to make up for the 40.4 percent drop in arrivals from China.

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