Weekly roundup: Property market gloom, US-China rivalry, sex workers at risk

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Indian developer vows to 'rebuild' Nha Trang

Dewan makes no attempt to hide its ambition of changing the coastline of the tourist city with a US$2.63 billion project.

Vietnam watches US-China rivalry escalating

Some analysts say given the overflights by the US, high risks of an unfortunate incident are brewing in the East Sea.

Vietnam sex workers haunted by specter of violence, HIV

Almost 44 percent of all sex workers have suffered from physical violence but many did not report to authorities.

Gloomy office market smashes hopes of investors

Many poured cash into property developments when the real market was flourishing, only to see the boom end too soon.

Rage against the state: discontent grows in Vietnam

Dissatisfaction with state companies has been simmering and lawmakers are pressing for a rethink of these firms.

11 Vietnamese fruits that rule them all

Vietnam, especially the southern region, is definitely the heaven of tropical fruits. Here is a special list of fruits that are much loved.

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