Weekly roundup: Luxury knockoffs, identity theft, heart-rending reunion

Thanh Nien News

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"Although consumers know that the products they are buying may be fake, they still buy them anyway. Both buyers and sellers are happy with this."
Can Gio District concedes that the construction will destroy 6.4 hectares of the important forest, but it says the road will bring "benefits" to local residents.
The free foreign language center opened in 2009, attracting both local and foreign teachers and international volunteers, most of them teaching for free.
Ngo Minh Hieu, 25, was sentenced under fraud charges in the US after he pleaded guilty to hacking into the computers of businesses in New Jersey.
With a 3,260-kilometer coastline, Vietnam boasts lots of beautiful beaches. Here are some of the best destinations for summer.
Six members of a family in central Vietnam who were scattered during the war and thought the others had died have reunited.

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