Weekly roundup: Littering epidemic, visa exemption, marriage interview

Thanh Nien News

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Photos of two foreign tourists picking up trash on a beach in Vietnam have gone viral, sparking criticism on the notorious littering habit of many locals.
The Ministry of Justice is seeking a new rule to scrap compulsory marriage interviews, making it easier for local residents to marry foreigners in Vietnam.
Airlines say many of their customers were not allowed to enter Singapore, even though they presented all necessary documents.
Ho Chi Minh City wants the 15-day visa exemption for European tourists to be doubled so that they can come on longer tours to Vietnam.
The small street Le Cong Kieu exudes history. The ceramics, wood, metal and glass objects that can be found here are either really old, or look old.
Over the past few months, experts say they have seen a change in how Vietnamese officials deal with sluggish FDI projects.

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