Weekly roundup: 'Inconvenient' visa policy, birth restrictions, rising drug use

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Vietnam loses more than it gains from strict visa policy

Tourism industry insiders in Vietnam are pushing for the easing of visa requirements, arguing that the country will benefit much more.

Vietnam rethinks two-child policy amid declining birth rate

Years after Vietnam first asked families to have no more than two children, policymakers are now seeking to remove the restriction.

Asian banks see big business in Vietnam's growing foreign sector

Foreign banks, especially those from Asia, are strengthening their foothold in Vietnam to cater to a growing number of multinational companies.

Drug use rises in Vietnam as treatment programs prove unpopular

The number of drug users in Ho Chi Minh City has been on the rise as community-based, voluntary treatment programs are not really effective.

Vietnam's cultural house at Expo 2015 a disappointment

A US$2.6 million project aiming to introduce Vietnamese culture to the world has failed to generate any buzz.

From their boats, Mekong Delta children dream of a happy life

A new short film features a group of children who have lived on boats since they were born, along a river in An Giang Province.

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