Weekly roundup: Dying elephants, wartime heroine, sex work debate, and more

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How a 19-year-old Vietnamese woman blew up US aircraft

Le Thi Thu Nguyet was just 19 when she managed to blow up a Boeing 707 carrying 80 American military advisers.

Vietnam’s last elephants dying due to poaching, deforestation

According to a WWF report, the number of wild elephants in Vietnam has fallen from 2,000 in the 1980s to around 100. 

Sex worker - On the edge of the ethic war

The questions we want to answer are: “Is prostitution inherently immoral and harmful? Should it be criminalized and punished?”

How the US continues to impact Vietnam 40 years on

“Vietnam needs to know how to strike a balance in its relations with both the US and China," a public policy expert says.

America, America: Life as lived and life as dreamt about

The publishing industry loves bringing hot American titles into Vietnam, while local authors love writing about American life. 

Finding their roots: Babylift children return to Vietnam

Forty years later, many Operation Babylift survivors have returned, looking for answers from a family or country they never knew.

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