Weekly roundup: Drinking ban, severe drought, good news for foreign workers, and more

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Vietnam plans to let convicts trade money for life

Lawmakers have asked the government to tread carefully on its plan to allow convicts in serious cases to escape death penalties.

Shocking mistreatment at Vietnam’s center for children with HIV

Five caregivers have been caught on tape physically abusing the children. Inspectors are looking into the case. 

Vietnam reconsiders late-night booze ban 

The health ministry has revived a proposal to ban beer and liquor sales after 10 p.m. to combat drunk driving.

Vietnam to ease work permit requirements for foreigners

Amendments to foreign labor rules are expected to be approved and enforced in the third quarter this year.

Vietnam dries up in the worst drought of the decade

This year's dry season came around two months earlier than usual and it has hit Vietnam really hard. 

Top 10 Saigon street foods you should not miss

These are simple yet delicious dishes. Look yummy?

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