Weekly roundup: Dong devaluation, foreign investment, holiday rip-offs, and more

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Vietnam devalues dong for second time in 2015 to boost exports

The State Bank of Vietnam devalued the dong for the second time this year in a bid to maintain export competitiveness.

China dismisses Vietnam, Philippines' protests over island building

Facing diplomatic barbs from the US and Southeast Asia for its massive reclamation work in the East Sea, China has bitten back.

Foreign investors and the megaprojects that never were

With huge capital pledges, some investors set unrealistically high expectations, but very few manage to deliver on their promises. 

Metro trains will drive up Saigon land prices 

The metro system under construction is triggering a real estate boom as the prospect of easy transport has been raising land prices.

Rip-offs, trash and traffic: The long holiday shows its ugly side

Millions across Vietnam have tried to make the most of the recent week-long holiday, but things did not turn out well for many of them.

Vietnam Red Cross team draws flak for leaving Nepal crisis

After managing to fly home from quake-ravaged Nepal, the team has come under criticism for turning their back on victims of the disaster.

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