Weekly round up: Made-in-Vietnam phone, tourist visa fees, software piracy

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Vietnamese firm announces phone, calls it 'world's best'

Bkav has unveiled a locally-made phone, claiming that it is "on the same level" as the flagship products of Apple and Samsung.

8 foreign companies caught using pirated software

Police have discovered eight foreign companies using 1,000 pirated software programs worth up to US$618,000.

Vietnam gets tough on sex harassment at work

The new code of conduct aims to help workers in the country recognize sexual harassment and protect themselves. 

Faced with public outrage, Nha Trang scales down megaproject

Officials decided to revise their plans for a controversial property project along the famous beach of Nha Trang.

Tourism industry seeking visa fee waivers for all visitors

The Vietnam Tourism Association is asking the government to offer visa fee waivers to all tourists between July and December this year.

Dangerous defect recurs on multi-million dollar road

The Ministry of Transport on Thursday ordered authorities in Ho Chi Minh City to repair a severe problem that has plagued one of its main streets.

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