Watch out Tokyo: Vietnam plans to build world's tallest broadcasting tower

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 Tokyo Skytree in Japan is currently the world's tallest tower. Photo: Reuters

Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung has given the green light to the construction of a broadcasting tower with the world’s record height in Hanoi, the government website reported on Tuesday.
The project, which is described as playing an "important role" in the capital city’s zoning plan as well as tourism, will be funded by the state and private investors.
National broadcaster Vietnam Television has been ordered to carry out a feasibility study and collaborate with the government investment arm, SCIC, in setting up a joint-venture to develop the structure, according to the report.
It is not until the tower goes into operation that private investors are allowed to participate in the project and operate services there. 
Under the plan, the tower will cover over 14 hectares in a new urban area in the west of Hanoi.
The currently under-construction Starlake area boasts more than 200 hectares and South Korean investors has pledged to invest US$2.5 billion to turn it into a modern suburb.
So far Vietnam Television has contracted Japanese-owned architecture firm Niken Sekkei as a design consultant for the project, news website Vneconomy reported.
The world’s current tallest tower is Tokyo Skytree, which was opened in Japan’s capital city in 2012 as a television and radio broadcast site with the height of 634 meters, or 2,080 feet.

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