Violent monkey caught, taken away from Vietnam tourist mountain: rangers

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The pigtailed macaque in the new home. Photo credit: Da Nang Forest rangers. The pigtailed macaque in the new home. Photo credit: Da Nang Forest rangers.
Forest rangers in Da Nang on Monday said they has captured a monkey accused of attacking dozens of tourists after five days playing tag with the animal around a mountain.
The pig-tailed macaque, which has reportedly hurt many tourists since late last year, was anesthetized on Sunday, officers of Son Tra-Ngu Hanh Son Forest Protection Division said.
The 10-kilogram primate fully recovered before it was released on the same day, into another forest far away from the tourist mountain. 

Forest rangers in Da Nang city capture a monkey accused of attacking dozens of tourists since late last year.
The pig-tailed macaque is categorized by the International Union for Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources (IUCN) as vulnerable, or at high risk of endangerment in the wild.
Experts said that there are only a few of them living in the area.
Rangers began the chase after the monkey last Thursday, following reports that the animal had attacked many tourists, even brutally biting some on their arms and legs.
Some tourists suffered from blood loss and had to be hospitalized.
According to tourists, they saw other monkeys on the mountain but the said one was the only attacker.
The chase was challenging for the officers given the steep, rocky trail and the monkey’s briskness.

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