Violent guards could face criminal charges

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Police in Ho Chi Minh City on Saturday proposed criminal charges against workers of a city security firm after they assaulted a guest at a major restaurant.

The three guards of Thanh Cong Saigon Motorbike Security Company are facing charges of "deliberately causing injuries".

According to investigators, eight of the guards on July 30 had beaten, tasered and stripped of the pants of a Vietnamese-Dutchman who came to have lunch at the Minh Duc Restaurant on Ton That Tung Street after he reprimanded one of them.

The customer scolded the guards for being rude and refusing to retrieve his motorbike. The guards were posed to look after the motorbikes of restaurant patrons.

A man in a shop nearby tried to help, only to be beaten and tasered himself.

The Dutchman, Le Van Ngai, 60, has been released from hospital and suffered permanent disability measured at being eight percent by local doctors.

The guards were hired in early July and assigned to protect motorbikes and cars, and prevent hawkers from bothering their customers, said the owner of the Minh Duc Restaurant, known for its traditional Vietnamese cuisine.

Police investigation found the Thanh Cong Company commiting many violations.

Guards of the company did not have a license granted by authorized agencies and were not using the tools given properly,

Following the incident, police said they would consider withdrawing the business license of the restaurant but no action has been taken.

Retired Major General Le Van Kinh, who heads the campaign for the establishment of private security enterprises in Vietnam, said many employees of nearly 700 security firms in Vietnam have not been properly trained because of a shortage in human resources.

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