Vietnamese world's most optimistic people: survey

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The Vietnamese are the most optimistic about 2011 economic perspectives while the French are the most pessimistic, according to a global survey conducted by the France-based research firm BVA and US-based Gallup.

The poll's results, published by French newspaper Le Parisien January 3, found more than 70 percent of the surveyed Vietnamese believe in the economy's prosperity in 2011, much higher than the world average of 30 percent.

Meanwhile, France ranks at the bottom in the list of the top 10 most pessimistic nations. 67 percent of the French believe that the number of unemployed people will increase sharply this year.

The survey indicates that developed nations now show pessimism, while emerging countries such as Vietnam and China, and poor and war-torn nations, including Nigeria, Afghanistan, Iraq and Pakistan are more optimistic.

The poll, conducted between October and December, is based on surveying 64,203 people from 53 countries.

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