Vietnamese workers stranded in Malaysia to be paid, offered jobs

TN News

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A Malaysian company has pledged to pay salaries for 69 Vietnamese workers after it canceled a contract with their employer in Penang.

The promise was made by Faber Company at a meeting with the Malaysian Ministry of Home Affairs' Foreign Workers Division on March 23.

Faber supplies hospitals with miscellaneous services and it hired Asmana another firm with similar functions as a sub-contractor. Asmana had hired the Vietnamese workers through labor firms in Penang and Vietnam to work in Penang.

Faber ended the contract with Asmana in mid-February due to some "procedural failures."

Since then, Asmana provided the workers with accommodation and a part of their salary but did not offer them another job or conduct relevant procedures to extend their visas.

Local media reported the situation of the workers in Penang, and Malaysian authorities swung into action.

At the meeting on March 23, Faber said it would ask another contractor Medik Company to recruit the workers and conduct visa extension procedures.

Thirteen of the 69 Vietnamese workers said they wanted to return home after the incident, while the rest said they wanted to stay and work.

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