Vietnamese workers abroad kill compatriot colleagues

TN News

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A Vietnamese man in Taiwan stabbed a compatriot to death Monday night and a similar incident took place in Malaysia, local news website VnExpress cited foreign media reports as saying.


In the first case, Phan (full name not revealed) stabbed his colleague many times after a quarrel that developed while they were drinking.


Phan fled the scene, but was caught later by the police.


He and his victim had begun working at a factory in Taiwan seven months ago. Phan said victim, whose name has not been released, bullied him often, annoying him.


Also on Monday night, in Malaysia, a 24-year-old Vietnamese worker was stabbed to death with a kitchen knife by his friend in the dormitory that they both stayed in.


Local police said the 30-year-old murderer was caught when trying to run away. The two men were joking and the jokes developed into a fight, they added.


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