Vietnamese worker fatally hit by train in Taiwan

TN News

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A Vietnamese worker who had arrived in Taiwan barely a week earlier was fatally hit by a train while being chased by a group of drunk Taiwanese nationals last month, the Chinese-language Liberty Times reported on Dec 24.

On Nov 29, the worker, whose last name is Nguyen, and three Vietnamese friends went to a karaoke parlor in Tainan City.

They left the parlor at 11 p.m. and encountered a group of Taiwanese men. Nguyen happened to look at a Taiwanese woman wearing a short skirt stepping into a car.

A Taiwanese man began yelling at Nguyen because he thought Nguyen had deliberately looked at his wife's underpants.

Nguyen, who could not speak Chinese, used his hands to explain he had not done so, but the Taiwanese group, under the influence of alcohol, began to attack him.

According to police, eight Taiwanese men chased Nguyen for around 100 meters. Nguyen dashed across a railway track on the way despite hearing a train whistle.

He was hit by the train, which was traveling at 130km/h.

Police arrested the Taiwanese men after seeing the scenes captured by a camera at the accident site.

The men told police they had tried to call Nguyen and ask him to come back when they saw the train, but Nguyen kept running.

They admitted chasing after him but denied beating him.

Police have charged the men with manslaughter, according to the Liberty Times.

Nguyen had arrived in Taiwan just eight days before the incident.

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